Your Action Needed to Restore Net Neutrality

Senator Ed Markey introduced a Congressional Review Act resolution in the Senate, and Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Mike Doyle have introduced a CRA resolution in the House of Representatives that would restore net neutrality.  We encourage you to check out these web pages for CNNPublic Knowledge and Fight for the Future for further explanation of the resolution and information on steps you can take to tell Congress you support the use of the CRA resolution to restore net neutrality.



Highlights from IIPSJ’s 15th Annual IP and Social Justice CLE Program at the Howard University School of Law

Check out our website for highlights from this year’s CLE program.  We take a look back at 15 years of providing CLE programming on IP and Social Justice, as well as provide a summary of the event and some of the panels including student reporting on various panels available at the specified links



Update on Blurred Lines

As reported last month, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the jury verdict in favor of Marvin Gaye’s Estate. As this blog post by author and creator David Newhoff demonstrates, the debates in the music world are far from over.  Check out this blog post by David Newhoff, Blurred Lines in More Ways Than One – Part III.

“As mentioned in Part II, I didn’t expect to write several posts about this litigation, but it turns out that “Blurred Lines” (Williams v. Gaye) raises several copyright issues—doctrinal, cultural, and historical—worthy of consideration and not easily condensed into a single article. In the first post, I alluded to an editorial written in 2015 by scholars Lateef Mtima and Sean O’Connor supporting the outcome in Williams from a historical perspective, asserting that traditional means of registering works and identifying infringement disfavored artists of color.”  Click the link in the title to read more.


IIPSJ Community IP Education and Outreach

On April 19, 2018, IIPSJ co-sponsored the community IP Education program  “Respecting IP: What Aspiring Innovators and Entrepreneurs Should Know” which was hosted by the Washington D.C. Chapter of Young African Professionals (YAP). The program keynote was given by Karen Temple, Acting Register of Copyrights and panellists included Prof. Mtima, Mariessa Terrell, and Adia Burriss Coleman.  For more information, visit




Thursday, April 26 was World IP Day.  This year’s theme was: Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity.  More information on this year’s celebration can be found on WIPO’s website.