Take Creative Control is a community of lawyers, creatives, inventors, entrepreneurs, and academics who are interested in protecting and advocating for the creative rights of people of color everywhere. The initiative connects creatives and entrepreneurs to intellectual property lawyers and resources for free, to help them become better protected and to counter cultural and creative appropriation in all of its myriad forms.

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In a COVID-19 environment, we provide resources and support to our collective of creative entrepreneurs that are now forced to shift all of their commerce online. We have expanded our national initiative to empower them to advocate against policies that impede the sharing, protection, and monetization of creative works. We are working towards this goal on two fronts: 1) virtual and direct public education and organizing; and 2) online storytelling and inclusive policy advocacy.

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Too often, policies impacting the monetization of creative works are an after-thought in the business development process. Recognizing the disparity in resources and support available to BIPOC creative entrepreneurs, we partnered with Take Creative Control (TCC). TCC’s approach is driven by its commitment to serving creators striving to access intellectual property rights from the margins – creators that have been excluded due to race, gender, socio-economic status, geography, and/or sexual identity.  TCC is a creator-informed and creator-focused, outreach and education-based strategy to build a multicultural community of creator advocates.   They are a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, attorneys and policy experts working to empower creators of color by providing knowledge of and access to intellectual property expertise. The centerpiece of their work is their quarterly TCC Creative Clinic, which serves as the hub for their organizing efforts. Between Creative Clinics, we partner to strengthen our federal advocacy impact, drawing from our growing creator community to inform our positions and approach. 

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