Leading IP Discourse 

Becoming the central hub for thought-provoking intellectual property law dialogue between industry partners, practicing professionals and mission aligned allies

IIPSJ’s programming such as the Annual MOSAIC conference and our International work forms connections between practicing lawyers, educators, students, corporations, and nonprofits in addition to frequently held online learning workshops

Annual MOSAIC Conference

The IP Mosaic Conference is a unique convening of a diverse collective of academics, policy leaders and activists who meet to consider and critique IP protection

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IIPSJ International

To date, IIPSJ has conducted CLE and other collaborations with colleges and universities in the Caribbean and South Africa.

Our Foreign Scholar Residency Program exposes participants to US practices that inform their professional work.

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Open Access Video Library

Catch the full slate IIPSJ programming including past events such as the Social Justice CLE and HBCU Tech Law Summit, all streamable from our YouTube video library below

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