IIPSJ sponsors and supports IIPSJ Scholars and Fellows who contribute to IIPSJ in a variety of ways. IIPSJ also funds a limited number of scholars to write articles on IP and social justice related topics.

Bryant L. Young, Scholar in Residence & Chair, Institute Development and Advancement (2010- )

Mr. Young is a practicing attorney who is doing many projects for IIPSJ including preparing position papers, particularly in the patent area, moderating the Linked-In IIPSJ site, and editor in chief of the IPSJ Quarterly Newsletter.

Taylor Moore, Scholar in Residence (2013-2014)

Takayuki Kaneda, Foreign Scholar in Residence (2011)

Takayuki Kaneda is a Patent Examiner in the Fourth Patent Examination Department, Video System Division, Japan Patent Office. While in residence at IIPSJ he will be studying the operations of the USPTO.

Shiveta Sooknanan, Reserach Fellow in Residence (2010)

Ms. Sooknanan is a 2010 LLM graduate of George Washington University School of Law and came to us from Trinidad and Tobago. As a scholar in residence Ms. Sooknanan worked on a variety of issues including developing position papers for IIPSJ, particularly in the patent area. She also worked on developing the IIPSJ Caribbean IP Program, a project she continues to be involved in after completing her residency.

Alan Nolley, Reserach Scholar (2009 -)

Mr. Nolley is a 2008 graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law and a member of the California Bar. As the IIPSJ Research Scholar, Mr. Nolley researches various issues on the implications of intellectual property on social justice. Mr. Nolley is also helping develop the IIPSJ online IP and Social Justice Library.