Arts and Entertainment Advocacy Clinic

Services offered: The Arts & Entertainment Advocacy Clinic allows students to develop substantive legal knowledge in copyright and related areas of law as well as practical skills in research, writing, and advocacy by counseling clients and preparing legal and policy documents on behalf of artists and creators.

Information Packet for the Legal Clinic - Practical Preparation of Patent Applications.


Glushko Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic

Services offered: The full range of intellectual property specialties — copyright, patent, trademark, and beyond — in a variety of settings — including client counseling, rights acquisition, transactional lawyering and negotiation, litigation, and administrative and legislative advocacy.

Eligibility criteria: Individual creators and users of intellectual property, small businesses and communities of rights holders and consumers, not for profit institutions and associations, and other entities.

Regions covered: All

Fees charged: Free, however clients generally must pay for other costs of legal representation, such as governmental filing fees and litigation-related costs.

Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic

Services offered: The IPC provides pro bono transactional patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret services to individuals, non-profit and for-profit clients in technology and the arts.

Entrepreneurship Legal Services

Services offered: Start-up company IP issues, such as trademark applications, provisional patent applications and patent research.

Eligibility criteria: Must be a start-up company without significant revenue.

Regions covered: All

Fees charged: $25.00 per hour for student time

Cyberlaw Clinic

Services offered: The Clinic maintains an active practice in intellectual property advising, including risk assessment, and has drafted a wide range of transactional documents that relate to IP rights (including license agreements and other documents concerning transfers of intellectual property).

Public Patent Foundation

Services offered: Reexaminations of patents. Pre-litigation counseling, representation and negotiation. Representing defendants in patent litigation. Patent-related only. (No trademark or copyright services.) No patent applications or prosecution.

Eligibility criteria: Economically disadvantaged businesses (including sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations or other entities) accused of infringing dubious patents.

Regions covered: Nationwide in U.S.A.

Fees charged: Clients are expected to pay costs, but normally not attorney fees.

Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors, Inc. (PIIPA)

Services offered: PIIPA is the global non-profit resource for developing countries and public interest organizations seeking expertise in intellectual property matters to promote health, agriculture, biodiversity, science, culture, and the environment.

Eligibility criteria: Assists governments of developing countries, non-profit organizations in developing countries, and non-profit organizations in developed countries that help developing countries.

Regions covered: All developing countries

Fees charged: None

Patent, Trademark & Copyright Section

Services offered: Amicus briefs

Contact: Ralph P. Albrecht, Chair
(202) 216-8166

Eligibility criteria: No formal criteria

Regions covered: Nationwide in U.S.A.

Fees charged: None

Patent Pro Bono Florida

Services offered: A statewide program of the Arts & Business Council of Miami and Dade Legal Aid to provide under-resourced inventors with pro bono patent attorneys.

International Trademark Association

Services offered: Through its Pro Bono Committee, INTA has established the Trademark Clearinghouse pilot program to bolster the protection of intellectual property by matching eligible clients facing trademark issues with INTA member attorneys so that legal services can be provided free of charge.

The Clearinghouse is intended to serve low-income individuals and/or directors of nonprofit or charitable organizations with low operating budgets (1) who might otherwise not know where to turn or (2) who don’t have access to legal assistance in the area of trademarks. This clearinghouse is the only one currently in existence that is dedicated primarily to trademarks.