The Giles S. Rich Inn of Court for the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

The Giles S. Rich Inn of Court is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the principals of civility and service in the legal profession. One of the Inn’s major priorities is providing mentorship and support to newly admitted attorneys and law students interested in IP practice. Each year the Inn invites the participating law schools to select up to four students to participate as Pupil members in all of the Inn’s programs and activities.

SInce IIPSJ’s founding in 2002, it has developed a strong working relationship with the Giles S. Rich Inn of Court t for the Federal Circuit. IIPSJ Director Lateef Mtima is the current (2009-10) President of the Inn. He has been a member of it since 2003 and has held several other leadership positions in it. (President, ‘09-‘10; Vice-President, ‘08-‘09; Program Chair, ‘05-‘06; Mentoring and Scholarship Chair, ‘04-‘05).

Each year IIPSJ at HUSL’s relationship with the GSR Inn provides four HUSL IP students with an especially valuable opportunity of being student members of the Inn of Court even before they become members of the bar. This provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to meet with and learn from practicing lawyers.