First Annual Mosaic Conference: Diverse Voices in IP Scholarship

November 14, 2014

From 5:00 pm To

Intercontinental Hotel

39 E Kilbourn Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53202

First Annual Mosaic Conference: Diverse Voices in IP Scholarship

The goal of the Mosaic Conference is to bring together IP scholars, policy makers, and activists of diverse and multicultural backgrounds and perspectives to explore socially progressive and non-traditional ideas in IP law, policy, and social activism. Throughout the global community, intellectual property regimes play a critical role in human development, socio-economic empowerment, and the preservation and promotion of social justice. Many IP regimes, however, have been structured or interpreted to reflect only the interests of an entrenched status quo; socially cognizant IP theses are often ignored or rejected as tangential or antithetical to commoditization-centered theories of IP protection, often impeding broader social utility concerns including equitable access to IP protection and output and stimulating innovation. Through the First Annual Mosaic Conference, IP scholars and practitioners will come together with policy makers, social activists, and others to present ideas for progressive and activist-oriented scholarship for assessment as to social relevance, legal significance, and doctrinal integrity.


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