Proposed legislation & IP social justice

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Proposed legislation & IP social justice

Three recently proposed bills could impact IP social justice issues. Continue reading for summaries of:

Device Access for Every American Act
Unleashing American Innovators Act – Attend our free IP Mosaic conference to hear more about this proposed legislation from Scott Wilson, Senior Intellectual Property Advisor Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on IP
Pride in Patent Ownership Act


Meet our extern – Abeje Bagamba

Abeje Bagamba has a profound passion for all things related to intellectual property and artistic expression. With her interest in technology and its ability to help promote creativity, she began her career as a User Experience Specialist. In this role, she helped companies develop intuitive, well-rounded digital presences by designing interfaces based on user behavioral research. This devotion lead her to law school to explore the legal avenues for protecting ideas, innovation, and individuality.

Abeje is currently in her final year of study at Howard University School of Law to pursue her JD. She received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Upcoming IP Events

7th Annual IP Mosaic Conference – IP as Protest, Change, and Empowerment

Free Online Conference October 21-23


UIC Law 65th Annual IP Law Conference

Nov 4-5 1:00 – 4:45 ET Online only

Hosted by the Center for Intellectual Property, Information, and Privacy Law

Session topics include:

  • Copyright: The New Normal – examining the current state of fair use and its implications on “meme” usage as well as the right invoked by music covers and sync rights on TikTok
  • Vaccines, IP, and Global Equity – explaining the “current state of play” with regard to COVID-19 vaccine IP rights waiver negotiations
  • Forces of Change – focusing on the lack of diversity in the IP discipline and its consequent effects on access to innovation through policy


Registrants that use the code “iipsj2021” will receive a 20% discount on registration.

IP Social Justice Articles of Interest

In case you missed it: Kerby Jean-Raymond Celebrates Black Inventions in Debut Pyer Moss Couture Collection

Paris Haute Couture Week included a runway show featuring its first Black American designer, Kerby Jean-Raymond, this year. Jean-Raymond, the mind behind the fashion brand Pyer Moss, used the event to showcase the ingenuity and innovation of Black people with outfits inspired by Black inventors. Notable outfits included one model sporting a giant sculpted peanut butter jar inspired by George Washington Carver, a gas mask mini dress paying tribute to patents obtained by Garrett Morgan, and a Super Soaker pantsuit paying homage to Lonnie Johnson’s famous 90’s toy.

USPTO’s Director’s Forum: Ensuring the validity of micro entity certifications – which provide reduced fees to eligible inventors and small businesses

US Copyright Office: New Crowdsourcing Campaign Focuses on Early Copyright Records

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