Covid-19 & IP Social Justice

In these challenging times, we are focusing on IP and social justice issues that arise during this crisis.

Click here for details on the upcoming CLE event IP, Technology, & Social Justice in the Time of Coronavirus: Protest, Accountability, and Change.

In March, we signed on to a letter to the FCC requesting increased Lifeline support during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure that low income households maintain access to critical communication tools.

In April, we have signed on to a letter urging WIPO to take action on IP rights issues impacting remote education and accessibility to information needed to research and manufacture a cure for the virus.  A recently released WIPO statement responds to the call to action in the letter.  Read more here.

We also have submitted a statement of support for the Open COVID Pledge. Major companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have pledged to allow use of their IP free of charge for use in ending the COVID pandemic and minimizing the impact of the disease.

CARES Act and IP – The CARES Act allows the USPTO to extend filing deadlines for certain patent and trademark-related documents.  More information can be found on the USPTO website.  The U.S. Copyright Office is expanding its capabilities to receive electronic submissions for Office services.  Read more on their website.

The USPTO unveiled Patents 4 Partnership, a new platform to provide the public with a user-friendly, searchable repository of patents and published patent applications related to the COVID-19 pandemic that are indicated as available for licensing. Read more here.

USPTO Covid-19 Response Resource Center – central hub for information about the USPTO’s efforts and other helpful information in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

EIFL Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager Teresa Hackett writes two-part blog that discusses challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has posed for the copyright and licensing framework as education moves online.  Part I can be found here.

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