What is IP Social Justice and Why Does it Matter?

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Podcast: What is IP Social Justice and Why Does it Matter?

David Newhoff, host of the Illusion of More podcast series interviews Prof. Mtima for an in-depth conversation about the basic elements of IP Social Justice and how it relates to various ongoing national conversations, from government and private sector initiatives to access untapped American Innovative Talent to confronting systemic inequities in our national infrastructure.

Podcast Show Content Highlights

1:07 – Defining social justice in an IP context.
11:45 – How the conversation about race factors into the IPSJ discussion.
18:17 – The “Blurred Lines” case.
24:30 – Was copyright a highly democratic statement at U.S. founding?
36:46 – How can IPSJ be made accessible to laymen?
58:35 – Are contemporary politics, policy, caselaw moving toward IPSJ?
01:10:28 – Idea/Expression dichotomy discussion.

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Interview with Lita Rosario-Richardson

Lita Rosario-Richardson

We have a new interview available with an IP attorney of color to discuss what its really like to work in the field. This month we have an interview with Lita Rosario-Richardson. Lita Rosario-Richardson runs WYZ Girl Entertainment Consulting, where she provides legal advice and advocacy for creators relating to intellectual property and entertainment issues. Check out the full interview to hear more about her career and thoughts on diversity in the IP bar. Watch the full interview here.

Copyright Office Now Accepting Applications for Ringer Fellowship

The Barbara A. Ringer Copyright Honors Program offers 18 to 24 month paid fellowships for attorneys in the initial stages of their careers who demonstrate exceptional ability and interest in copyright law. Applications will be accepted through December 31, 2021. Click here for more details.

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